The new year of elegance and comfort of Spinelli’s shoes

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The new year of elegance and comfort of Spinelli’s shoes

Begin today a new year, all the staff at Spinelli addresses a wish and a thought to all its customers for the 2018 reserve of serenity and peace.

We remind you that our stores are open with usual opening hours and will offer special deals and promotions on the latest autumn/winter collection. Come visit us!

Roberto Spinelli Footwear is synonymous of elegance and quality in Rome, and not only since 1967. Many collaborations with the world of the High roman Fashion: Roberto Capucci at Renato Balestra passing by Gattinoni and Sarli, up to now more than twenty years of collaboration with Camillo Bona. The shoes of Roberto Spinelli are famous for their lines and sophisticated, classic and elegant, can also be ordered for weddings and other ceremonies. Our shoes custom to meet the most varied demands and are a must have for the loyal customers, among which we can include characters from the world of entertainment, the highest offices of the State and political figures, the estimated professional and representatives of the roman nobility.

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