Tight shoes? Some helpful advice

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Tight shoes? Some helpful advice

Tight shoes? One of the biggest problems for our feet. What to do?

We take care of your shoes thanks to an experience of over 50 years in the world of footwear. In fact, as explained in the page related to our history, it all began in the post-war period with the activities of the cobbler performed by Aldo Spinelli. And today, our customers can take advantage of some exclusive services such as small repairs and changes.

One of the most frequent problems during the purchase or after the purchase of a footwear is to have the so-called tight shoes because our feet change over time but also according to the days. What to do in addition to bring your shoes to a cobbler to have them fit? Below are some tips to enlarge your footwear.

Hair dryer for suede and materials that collapse easily
The hair dryer is one of the simple remedies and effective for expanding tight shoes, an ideal method for your suede shoes: the heat fact, due to the sagging of the skin. The operation should be repeated several times if necessary: use the hairdryer to heat them up to when the shoe will not be comfortable. Immediately after having heated them wear your shoes and camminateci for about a quarter of an hour, you can also continue to keep the foot stationary. At the end of the operation, polished the shoes if they are leather, so will not become opaque due to the heat. For suede shoes, you need a brush-up, without passing the shiny that ruin it.

Sheets of newspaper and alcohol to more resistant materials
The newspaper sheets are a useful method for expanding the shoes, the better those of the newspapers. In this case, you will roll it up with cold water or alcohol: water we are sure not to stain the shoes, but it is less effective, whereas alcohol acts more quickly, but may leave stains, once dry the shoes. Place sheets of newspaper into shoes and leave to act for a few hours, better if over night. This method is not recommended for the shoes, suede, better use of materials more resistant and do not stain.

Ice as ideal method for canvas shoes
Ice is another very effective remedy for expanding tight shoes: you only need to fill water bags for food that usually used for the freezer and then put them in your shoes: make sure that the bags are securely closed in order not to encounter the shoes wrapped in ice. Now put on your shoes in an envelope and put it in the freezer for a few hours and the ice is expanding, the expand. Past the time necessary to remove the shoes from the freezer and let them thaw for about 30 minutes. Let them dry well in the open air, keeping them away from sources of heat. This method is not suitable for suede shoes, but it is ideal to enlarge canvas shoes. Once dried be sure to wear them and try to walk or better to run.

Grains of wheat and potato, also suitable for boots
The wheat grains are an old method used by the cowboys to stretch the leather boots: fill the shoe with the grains of wheat, or oats, and add the water that will cause them to inflate. Let act all night. Wear the boot so that it takes the shape of your foot and let it dry well.

To use the method of the potato, also suitable for leather shoes, pelatene a great, dry with a napkin and insert it inside the shoe leaving it act all night. Remove it in the morning and try the shoe. If he is still a little tight, repeat the operation.

Useful tips for expanding tight shoes
In addition to the methods that we have just seen, we can try to enlarge the shoes slowly, wearing them. In this way, not risking to scolorirle or ruin them especially if it comes to shoes delicate. But here’s how to do it.

  • Be sure to wear them at home gradually: first to wear the new shoes to go out, be sure to wear them in the house to carry out the daily activities. At the beginning be sure to wear them often but only for a short time: there are ten minutes at a time. Try so for at least two days, then increase to ten minutes. Go on every two days until you get to an hour.
  • Try it with the socks: to enlarge the new shoes be sure to wear them with socks, a little more double than those that would you ever wear usually. Be sure to wear them only or camminateci little to avoid the formation of blisters. It will be the thickness of the socks which will help the shoe to widen.
  • Be sure to wear them to work: wear your old shoes for walking and the new ones only when you are sitting at your desk. In this way, you will try to speed up the time trying to enlarge them only wearing.
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